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Strange issue with kick boot sensor

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Hello All,

This is my first Maserati (migrating from my 3rd BMW) and in fact before test driving it, I had never even sat in one. I got a great deal from a PA dealer and picked it up from there. I simply love the car and the way it handles. I have not had most of the issues mentioned here (wireless charger..mine always works but doesn't fast charge) other than a minor annoyance sometimes with the keyless entry system that others have had as well.

I bought my Modena (premium package, techsistance package, brake calipers kick boot and roof rails) in Mar 2023. Our garage is too small for it so it's generally parked in the driveway. About 2-3 weeks after buying it, we went away on vacation for a couple of weeks. I parked the car in my friend's garage not wanting to leave it outside while we were not there. The car's keys were with me and no one else has access to my friend's garage. Upon returning, the kick boot had stopped working. It worked perfectly before that. In fact, the kick boot worked a lot better than the one on my prior BMW 540. After a few days, I took it to a local NJ dealer. First the service advisor said the senor is spoilt and seems to be a little corroded and that it can 'happen' sometimes. I had noticed that the driver side rear lights had a bit of a fog inside and asked the advisor about it. He gave some reply. They needed the car for a day to install the senor when it came in and to work on some recalls.

When I gave my car, they called me back that evening and said that the kick boot was working only on alternative attempt and that something was broken near the senor (I don't recall the part name) and that maybe something from the road hit it. They could fix it but would need longer. After the weekend, today I was told that apparently they have spotted quite a bit of moisture in places it shouldn't have been. I can't recall all the part names he took but I think he mentioned harness. He asked if I have been through a deep puddle or something recently. I said no, the car was locked up in a garage for 3 weeks and upon retrieving the car, the sensor was not working. No one drove the car during this time as the key was with me and we were away. I said even if for the sake of discussion, let's say I went through a puddle or two. Thousands of cars do that. Do they all suffer sensor loss, corrosion and water problems like you mentioned?

Anyway, he said they are still looking to see how the moisture got in by using some dye or some such thing. God alone knows when it will actually get fixed. Does anyone have any idea what could have happened? I have never faced these alleged water issues with any of my previous 5 cars and 4 out of them were purchased as used cars. Moreover, I am really worried now that the water may cause long term damage. The service advisor said the water hasn't gotten into areas 'which can cause some real issues' but at this point of time. Any help or advice from the folks here will be appreciated.
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Hello there,

If you would like some additional assistance with your dealer, please send us a direct message. We would be happy to help.

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Update - the issue seems to have been solved. The reason I was given is that because of a bad seal in the factory, water got in where it should not have thereby damaging the circuit (I believe) and the sensor for the kick boot. The sealant, circuit and previously the senor have all been replaced. I have the car back now and the kick boot works like it used to before the issue. I am not sure what all the recalls were for (I forgot to ask) although the work order shows the recalls as being for door switches, steering column adjustment and a couple of others. The work orders don't specify any more details. I will try to find out the specifics of the recalls and post an update here
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