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Snow and ice can't stop the Grecale's energy

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Maserati put out a new press release about the Grecale's winter testing in Sweden and Lapland, Finland.

Modena, 26 January 2022 – Testing continues on the Grecale prototypes, this time in the cold of the Swedish glades where they have delivered their maximum power in extreme conditions and on very low grip surfaces.

Not even snow and ice can hinder the Grecale’s energy: during the mission the prototypes were tested to fine-tune their start-up and driveability at extreme temperatures, to check the vehicle dynamics on mixed surfaces of tarmac, snow and ice, and to maintain in-car comfort in all weather conditions, varying from a few degrees above zero to as low as -30°C in Lapland.

Tests were also carried out to fine-tune the car's traction, understeer and oversteer in different drive modes and with varying sizes and types of wheels, to specifically characterise each of the driving modes on offer.

Even in extreme conditions, the Grecale extols its exceptional soul on low grip handling tracks, completing high-performance laps on various circuits, from steering pads to more demanding routes featuring corners, slopes, long straights and drops, on snowy or icy surfaces.

Grecale is the everyday exceptional even in freezing temperatures on expanses of snow as far as the eye can see.

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Can't wait to test out the driving modes and how it performs in the snow on a good set of winter tires.
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