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Maserati GranTurismo Folgore EV will have over 1,200 horsepower

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Maserati has confirmed that their first EV will be an evolution of the next-gen GranTurismo. It's going to have a tri-motor setup and produce over 1,200 horsepower!

Maserati is in the midst of a renaissance. It released the MC20 in 2020, it's preparing to unveil the Grecale, and it confirmed that its first electric model will be an evolution of the next-generation GranTurismo with over 1,200 horsepower from three individual motors.

It's also going to have an 800-volt charging system and Formula E-sourced technology. Very impressive stuff from Maserati.

Speaking during a press conference, company boss Davide Grosso shared official details about the second-generation coupe due out in 2023. The electric model called Folgore in Maserati-speak will offer "way over 1,200 horsepower" from three electric motors linked to what the carmaker calls a "bone" battery pack. We're guessing that means the unit will feature internal structure similar to bone, or be centrally mounted along the transmission tunnel, and not that it will be made with actual bones. Regardless, an 800-volt charging system and Formula E-sourced technology will be on board as well.

Maserati also published additional images of the second-generation GranTurismo. It's still covered in camouflage, but we can tell that the front end borrows a handful of styling cues from the MC20 while the overall proportions haven't significantly changed. It's still a big coupe with sporty lines characterized by a long hood and a short decklid. The GranCabrio convertible is scheduled to make a comeback as well.

The electric Folgore model will be positioned at the top of the line-up, but it won't be the only version available at launch. Maserati revealed that at least one V6-powered variant will be offered as well, a comment which hints (but doesn't confirm) that there will be no V8.

"The market for a gasoline-powered version is still there. It's absolutely still there. What we want to do with Folgore is to give customers a choice: V6, or electric? In five or 10 years we likely wouldn't have developed it, but customers still enjoy these cars today," said Francesco Tonon, the firm's global head of product planning, during a conference call. He stopped short of providing details about the V6, though it's not terribly far-fetched to assume that it will be at least related to the excellent twin-turbocharged Nettuno unit that powers the MC20.

Numerous other electric cars will join the Maserati line-up in the coming years, and the firm's full range will run on batteries by 2030. EV variants of the Grecale and the next-generation GranCabrio are scheduled to make their debut in 2023, and they'll be joined by an electric version of the MC20 in 2025. That's also when Maserati will replace the Levante and the Quattroporte with battery-electric vehicles.

In the meantime, the Grecale will make its debut on March 22. The MC20 Cabrio will arrive shortly after.

Sound is an important part of the Maserati experience, and engineers are going to significant lengths to substitute the exhaust note.

"We took the electric motors and we tuned their sound. It's not fake, it's authentic because it's starting from an electric motor and tuned to be truly iconic, unique, and Maserati," explained Tonon. He added that the aim was not to replicate the exhaust note of a V6 or a V8.
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