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I’m wondering if anyone having the same problem... I placed the order on 4/2 through their website and PayPal the $500 deposit. Immediately I received my order number and also popped up I’m the #4 on the waitlist at that dealer. Next morning, someone from that dealer called me and scheduled an appointment with their manager to finalize the order. At that point I was so impressed with how smooth and easy with their process. I arrived at the dealer couple of days later, staff and manager was very friendly and took time to explain some of the options and features that we are able add to the limited edition version. The problem begins there… the manger told me that he was having problem finalizing the order because their system won’t allowing him to select options. He said he will call Maserati to fix the issues the following week but up until yesterday he still told me they were not able to fix it. I’m wondering anyone having the same issue with the order?

I’m in Northern California
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